#PONDYART moving image / by Federico Merlo

Partecipate in the collective EXPO moving image organized in Pondicherry by PONDYART


"For the next three weeks, these moving pieces of art will go about on their regular trips, and organisers are hoping they reach the furthest corners of Puducherry and are seen by all residents, in keeping with their theme, ‘Getting Art Out There’. 

The Pondy ART team consisting of Kasha Vande, Andreas Deffner, Yannick Cormier and K. Muthu, picked photographs from entries across the world, and the exhibition features work of photographers from India, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, France, Australia, Germany and Singapore. 

Participants were asked to send in ‘compelling images of India’ that ‘inspire, touch, motivate and affect the viewer in a dynamic way’. The photographs show everyday scenes from across India, including a photograph of Puducherry’s Promenade shot from above. 

The idea behind the exhibition was to ‘draw the curiosity of our city’s residents to find out more about photography but also more about their country’, Ms. Vande, creative director, Pondy ART had told"

from The Hindu December 14th

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