Hokkaido Below Zero

An extensive road trip in the winter around the Hokkaido region in the north of Japan that represent the untamed wilderness is listed as one out of the ten snowiest place in the world. The area is located as the connection between Japan inland and the Russian sub-continent this means that winter here is quite thug with temperature way below zero and the white soft powder that fall between 10 and 20 meters each year.

Hokkaido population with a mix on Siberian Japanese and the Ainu people is very different from the rest of japan everything seems flow in a calm and relaxing way just the opposite of the frenetic life of the Japan cities.

The region cover the 25% of the Japan surface but only the 7% of the Japanese population and if we don’t consider the two major city this number decrease dramatically. Mixing the above scenario and you figure a magical place where the nature take the lead; geysers, volcanos, mountains, a great wildlife with the biggest bear population in all Asia. 

Things may change in the very next future for this remote region and the development is just around the corner thanks to the effective Japanese engineering on the 26TH march 2016 the high speed train “shinkansen” (bullet train) will reach Hackodate in the south of the island for the very first time by passing under the worldwide longest submarine tunnel.