A collective wedding reportage made by more than 50s non-photographer for a photographer wedding.


                        "I want something different, same same, but different"    

When me and my wife start thinking about our wedding photo reportage we struggle around different ideas to have our memories recorded, we didn't want something traditional made by a classical wedding photographer that didn't know us and our friends.

We need and we want something more intimate, more warmly and we want different point of view from people who loves us and from people we love, our families and our close friends.             


Ok, three months before the wedding I found on eBay a lot of 50 analogue disposable cameras branded by the famous Konica, the cameras include a 27 photos film in black and white (monochrome) to be processed with the classical c-41 method. Those cameras were expired in 1999, just 17 years ago!!! :-)

Konica Monochrome Disposable: Expiration 1999

Konica Monochrome Disposable: Expiration 1999

I have to say that we have very special friends and some of them are photographer or photo enthusiastic so wasn't complicated to get them into the project, we ask them to grab one or two cameras and make their own reportage, believe me was incredibly fun. 

People trying to get selfies out of our digital era with an analogue machine with a fixed focus and a magnetic flash, the expired films gives to us a vintage atmosphere and special feeling between us and our family and friends. The photos aren't perfectly sharp or precisely in focus as you will expect from a wedding reportage, the photos are just perfect to tell our story.

We still don't know who is the owner of each photo because the "thing" turned into a collective sharing photo reportage where every one grab different cameras during the ceremony and the party. I developed more than 800 photos and half of them was blank or unusable, here I have a selection of the best 50 shot that we just simply love.  A collective work, where everyone express himself and tried to give us the best memories we can ask. More than 50 people was involved in this project and the results was just awesome. 

Thank you guys you’re the best.

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