OBJECTIU BCN @ La Virreina / by Federico Merlo

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La Virreina Image Centre presents the result of the project Objective ►BCN. We Portray the City, an initiative by Barcelona’s Network of Civic Centres to put together a multifaceted photo portrait of the city.

Objective ►BCN. We Portray the City is a documentary photography project carried out at 12 civic centres through a programme of theoretical classes, practical sessions and photo outings led by acclaimed international photographers such as Samuel Aranda, Fernando Moleres, Walter Astrada, Moises Saman, Emilio Morenatti, Toni Amengual, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Txema Salvans.

Between February and June 2014, some two hundred Barcelona residents took part in the project, covering the city’s 10 districts on foot to portray a particular subject or capture a specific aspect of the city.

The end result of the project is a collective visual portrait of Barcelona comprising over 100 images that are now on display at La Virreina Image Centre.

This exhibition is complemented by the presentation of different shows at the twelve civic centres that took part in the project and photographic displays at Metro de Barcelona underground stations around the city.

Opening: Wednesday 3 December, at 7 pm.