Mumbai central station, second floor, "foreigners only" window counter, a French backpacker girl is crying, the train for Delhi seems sold out and her flight to go back is tomorrow. 

Lesson one: in India nothing is impossible and there is a solution for everything.

"Taktal, Taktaal!” the employees shout out this word by shaking their heads as the Indian way - taktal, the emergency ticket for emergency situation-    literally last minute ticket when there are no tickets. This is India and the Indian railways are the cardiovascular system of this incredible living subcontinent.

Passing 1 month, 5000 km and 150 hours on the Indian railways was an adventure made up of stations, iron, colours, sweat, and one hundred thousand glances in which mirroring yourself. 

The trip on Indian Railways is perhaps the easiest way to get in touch with the Indian people when you walk into the station or you're on a crowded train you'll be catapulted in a different dimension, a changing world where the chaos seems regulated by a higher order.